That’s right, you can now try the alpha! Its available on itch and either free or pay what you want to give it a try. Every coin spent on this game goes back into its development.

So check it out here:

Currently supports:

  • 1-4 local co-op (tested with keyboard and xbox controllers so far)
  • Equip up to 3 gun upgrades for wacky effects
  • Blast through 5 differently randomly generated dungeon types
  • Fight the first boss!

If you try it out, please let me know how you found it. Its still early days and every bit of feedback helps. Enjoy!



Don’t wake the bear… So this is the first boss for Blitz Smash and marks the last piece of content I wanted to build before releasing an alpha. The Eye Fortress! To beat this level, you have to wake him up. So get those grenades in there and start running around!


Once awake, he goes through an assortment of brutal phases. You can see here he’s summoned a few friends and started shooting around in circles. He doesn’t care if he blasts through his allies, he just wants to put you out of commission.

Get used to running around in circles around him and make sure you get health pick ups whenever you come across them.

The alpha will be available VERY soon 😀 (I’m hoping tomorrow).



These guys are all teeth and not much else. They can only see you if other Eye type enemies around. So if you destroy all of them, blinds don’t know how to find you and walk around randomly.

These guys bite when they move, so don’t get in their way!




The best way to survive is to pick up a number of items in the game. You can find these in crates or by killing enemies.


To pick up items, walk over them and press shoot. Don’t forget shooting near sleeping enemies wakes them up! On screen here is an Exploder type gun upgrade and a medium health recovery item.

Gun Upgrade help make your gun (Blitz Zero) more awesome! You can hold 3 Gun Upgrades at a time. If you pick up more, the first one is discarded and so on. The effects are all applied to each other to make some interesting combos!


Check that out! Exploder + Split Shot + Scatter gun upgrades. Exploder effect explodes when the bullet collides with something or stops moving. Split shot Splits a bullet into multiple shots on creation. Scatter makes more bullets shoot out in random directions when the bullet crashes.

So when these exploding bullets crash, they shoot a whole heap of new exploding bullets everywhere! Make sure you don’t blow yourself up.

You can work out the other combinations your self. Don’t let me spoil it for you.


The Eye Alpha enemy is the easiest and most rampant monster in the realm. They can only shoot in 4 directions, take minimal hits, but that doesn’t mean you should take them lightly. They can hang in large groups, which can mash your health with a few lucky shots.


Ambush! Suddenly a heap of enemies drop out of nowhere to ruin your day. This can really through out your groove. Ambushes are usually packed with Eye Alpha enemies, but may have other harder enemies in the mix too.


Sleeping Eye Alpha’s on the other hand are pretty easy to take down. As long as you don’t shoot, they will sleep. So you can creep past them. Or better yet, smash them your dash attack for an easy kill!

Eye Alpha’s on death may drop items. Mostly gun upgrades and health recovery items, but sometimes rare items too.

Keep running and shooting, stay safe.


Finally I have some art pieces in the game that aren’t just for testing. Each of these shows some of the gun upgrades. You can currently equip 3 at a time to mix up results.

fire away

These are exploding bullets as you can see.

tracer shots

These are the tracer shots. They change at 45 degree angles every so often to spread out all over the field.

split bullets

And these are good old split bullets. Something you might see in most side scrolling shooters.

The other types are armour piercing, scatter and rapid fire. So you can blend a set of 3 that you like and just smash enemies.